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Conference Report

We are proud to finally present the conference report. Nyenrode Business University has worked hard to synthesize the main topics out of a large variety of speeches, presentations and discussion and work them into a concise overview of the conference and present the key take-aways. The report underlines that an essential element is a collective […]

Conference Video Report

During the Conference, a film crew has captured all activities on video. Over 3 days of material has been sifted and the most remarkable elements have been incorporated into a final work of art, ‘the NFfA conference video report’. Soundbites, interviews, presentation snapshots and video footage have been blended into what we think is an […]


Declaration of main priorities for upscaling of commercial reforestation in Forest Landscape Restoration. In order to consolidate the discussions and presentations at the Conference, we have attempted to elaborate a final statement of sorts, which we will refer to as the NFfA declaration. In the declaration, the conference organizers and their key partners emphasize that […]

Tanzania – Save The Date!

At the Conference, the Tanzanian Minister of State H.E. January Makamba invited all conference participants to experience a similar setting in November 2016 in Tanzania. During this conference the Forests for the Future – New Forests for Africa! initiative will explain what progress is made on the matters described above. Tentative dates have been set […]

Reforesting Africa (African Business Magazine)

How can forest loss be halted and reversed? This was the theme of a major conference held in March in Accra, Ghana, entitled Forests for the Future – New Forests for Africa. Read the full article of Stephen Williams here » For the full article click on the image or this link «